PLA on SolidWorks?

Hello I'm new here, i was designing a piece, and i should make a proof with the material, the material is PLA (polylactic acid) and i don't know where is this material in solidworks library, maybe it's whit anothe name, i want to know... or maybe i should to create a new material to simulate the proofs... Please someone help me... I'm so sorry if my english is bad, i speake spanish, i'm trying to learn.

4 Answers

PLA or Polylactic acid normally remains with the same name and is no different. You can try the user manual of your 3D printer to find out about the existence of this material in the solidworks library.

Here is another thread asking the same question, the reply contained the parameters needed if you would want to create a new material for the library.

This would not take into consideration the issue Fred mentioned above with printing the material.

You'll have to define that material yourself, or find/download that material if someone already defined it.
The problem isn't so much defining the material though. The problem is defining how it behaves differently along a different axis based on how the model was printed.

This article has some details you may want to check out:

I don't have the foggiest idea where is this material in solidworks library, perhaps it's with another name, I need to know... or on the other hand perhaps I ought to make another material to reproduce the verifications.