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Please explain what this error message means.

By Anand Prajapati on 20 Jul 06:55 2 answers 4955 views 0 comments

I am trying to make a parametric gear and stuck at this particular error message.

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2 answers

  • 8a6f573c
    8a6f573c about 4 years ago

    maybe those two lines that you selected, do not intersect, and therefore corner can not be done..... very interesting....

  • Vipin kumar
    Vipin kumar about 4 years ago

    Topological error in Catia is an indication that you are doing something wrong at small level.It means either you have selected the wrong command like in sweep command for wrong operation or there is a gap that is beyond tolerance of Catia, or intersection is not there and you are thinking its there.

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