Problem controlling spline and corresponding surface SolidWorks.

Hello , I started modeling a car body, but experience few issues along the way. I have attached two pictures to help you see my problem. On the first you see the surface is crooked in the upper end where it meets with the hood. The relation between the two surfaces is curvature to face. At the bottom end where it meets the fender flare it it tangent. The problem comes from the upper spline mostly. There is a dip in the spline that I can't clean. It can be seen on the first picture. On the second picture you see how the splines looks like after I give them relations to the guide curves. On the side of the hood is curvature and on the side of the flair is tangent. I have tried to smooth the splines, but without any success. Can someone explain why this is happening and the ways to correct it and manage the splines. I have this problem on several other areas.

Thank you in advance.

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