problem inserting components into assemblies

When I open up a New Assembly, the program does not give me the option to insert a component.
Similairly, I can make a part into an assembly but when I try to insert another part, the browse feature does not show to find an existing file. It just adds a new part with no features.

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3 Answers

Make sure you are selecting insert components option, as opposed to the insert new part command. If you're not able to use the insert components command, reset your registry and you should be fine.

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I've always found it easier to start an assembly by having the 'base' component open as a part. The base component can be a chassis or 'foot' of some sort and it typically (to me) what would be placed on the bench first to start the assembly process in real life.

The choose "File, Make Assembly from Part". If you have only one part open when starting this command you may simply press enter to insert the part into the assembly at the origin.

If you have multiple parts currently open, you will select the 'base' one first.

To add more parts to the assembly simply select "Assembly tab, Insert Components, select the next part (or assembly) from the displayed list or select "Browse" to find your next part/assembly to insert.

Finally, Mate the components as required.

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