Problem uploading gif files to GrabCad.

I did look up the previous questions about the same topic but didn't find the solution for my problem. I've tried to upload gif files to my model but the uploader gives me the error "Something went wrong with the upload ... .gif. Please try again."
Is there any file size limits or is there any other important things that I should know when trying to upload gif files?

I managed to successfully upload gif file once but now that I try to upload same file it doesn't seem to work anymore.

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I noticed that GrabCAD won't accept GIF images with more than 30 frames
and when it tells "Something went wrong with the upload ... .gif. Please try again" just ignore the message and wait a minute then hit ok and you will find the gif image in your renders

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Did they introduce some kind of "image processing" to save on bandwidth?
It does some weird things. Even normal images take forever to "process".

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I also did have encountered those problems.
found some ways around which sometimes work for me.
1.) use this pixel dimension: 704x469 px
2.) keep the filesize below 1,5 Mb? (some of my gifs are much bigger in size)
3.) Important! use the advanced uploader

hope I could help

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