Problem with simulation in SolidEdge ST3

Whenever I try to make a simulation in SolidEdge ST3 the result comes different than what it should be. The model should be displayd in different colours and it should show some deformation but all I get is a (near)transparent mesh and no deformation. I have tried it on different models with no luck. I can, however see results in the report. What to do?

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3 Answers

The first picture is what I see in the main window and the second is the one I see in the raport

Comments 0 "simulation" mode, on the "show" bar, mark "contour" and "deformation" boxes...if i understand you as i should...this will be your answer, but i am confused with two different pics...should be the same with contours or without on both model and report...if this is the case, something is wrong than, make sure all other CAD u got are working, femap, NX, SW, all of CAM programs as well especially those with "add in" options...or simply uninstall and instal again SE...

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