Problems migrating old Inventor models to current release?

Hi all,

I have heard around some talk about restrictions regarding migrating Inventor files created in very old releases into the newest release.

I believe I heard that after 3 or 4 releases you cannot migrate anymore, i.e. you can't open these old files in the newest software release.

Does anybody have any experience with this? I can't seem to find anything online on this topic...

The company I work for is a bit reluctant to upgrade to the new release and I'm afraid eventually this is going to put the data in risk?

Thanks in advance!


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I have never ever had any issues with older versions not working in newer releases. And I've been using Inventor since ver 5. I also heard that previously, but I decided it is just a way to get you to upgrade every year (lots of money)... but to be safe:

What I do suggest is to get a trial version of the software first, and run a cloned copy of the old data set. That way you don't risk the originals and also don't spend money on the new software (yet).

What I have found is (this is the same as with pack-and-go) that you shouldn't just open the top assembly in the new version. Start lower down with the smaller subassemblies so that the paths get verified. Some of designers in our company didn't use unique file names for the components (especially with frame generator assemblies), and we had issues where you had to decide which one to use - and this is typically the wrong one!

If you used unique filenames you shouldn't have any issues.

If you do have issues, start at the lower sub-assy's. And work your way up.

Parts and drawings won't be an issue. It is just the assemblies that can be frustrating.

Hope this helps :)

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I don't use the software professionally but I'm able to open up 2011 files in 2016 just fine. Anything I've tried works perfectly.

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