Projecting pattern on to a surface

I am wondering if anyone can tell me a way to import a pattern (jpeg) into NX and project it on to a surface? Basically a "wrap" I think thy call it now a days?
but instead of flat black or a colr, I want to put a pattern on it. I cant even get the pics of the patterns to import correctly.

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2 Answers

Only curve can be wrapped around any surface not image,
images can be insert by Command Raster Image in order to have a reference only.

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If you have a Studio Visualize License you can 'Project" and image onto a Surface. However, you cannot see the image in Real Time, only when you create a High Quality Image. If you have more than 1 Face you wish to use, you have to Sew the Faces together before the select the Face to project onto. Getting the Image to cooperate can sometime take longer to do. I created the image in Photoshop as a JPEG at a 1:1 Scale of the size I needed. then projected it onto a Model of a Can. The Image Flipped every time I created a High Quality Image, so I ended up having to create the Image in reverse to get what I wanted.

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