rendering onto backgrounds?

im really new to CAD and especially this website and i see loads of cool models on real life backgrounds. e.g. cars in streets etc.
i would really like to know how to do this to give my renders more realism. im using solidworks if that makes a difference?

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There are background presets in Keyshot, Photoview and almost every rendering software. You will just need to align the floor.

The best one i have seen Camaro rendering

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go to the tree on the right, select scene, right click, edit scene, select background, image and browse to image file. This can be any image downloaded from the internet.
Have fun...

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Sorry, the tree is on the leftside of the screen.

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Backgrounds often seem to 'float' behind the subject. To make a background that truly fits, try modelling it. It needn't be complex, the simpler the better. After all you'll want to focus attention on the subject.

If you'd like a scene for small items, try this:

Render Scene

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