how do i change render background in autocad

how do i make the backgroud render look like the attached file

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Want to change the background in AutoCAD 2013 prior to rendering?

In the 3D Modeling workspace click on the View tab of the Ribbon. Locate the Views panel. Click on the icon for the View Manager.

In the View Manager dialog box click on the New button (right hand side). When the New View/Shot Properties dialog window appears look near the bottom for Background.

Background choices are: Default, Solid, Gradient and Image. Make your selection. In the ensuing window complete the selection process. Click OK to save your choice. Exit all the way out. Now go ahead and render. Your new background will be displayed.

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on AutoCAD 2010 and more, there is the option "sky background" which is way nicer than the default bg

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I would prefer exporting your 3D model to Navis works. From here you can give materials, colors etc. Render, make movie or walk any where to your 3D model. See my intro for more details.

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