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By roop on 27 Apr 12:17 5 answers 4 comments

i want to learn solidworks. if anybody can send some tutorials to me

5 answers

  • William
    William over 5 years ago

    Hi Roop just got to
    and you will find many great ones in there that other community members have done especially for you with SW

    When you get a little better with the software you can then download SW models that community member have took the time to model and upload for you to download for free..... Go through the tree browser and see how they went about making the model that way you will also pick up a lot a new skills....
    Even better you have the support of the full GrabCAD community to help you in what ever way they can so if you get lost, stuck or having problems with anything just post a question and someone will be sure to help you....

    GrabCAD is the place to be and learn from the best

    I hope you have a great day mate

  • e85d5ce0
    e85d5ce0 over 5 years ago

    I suggest you make a search on YouTube also.You'll find lots of useful video tutorials, starting from screws to car surfacing.

  • e85d5ce0
    e85d5ce0 over 5 years ago

    And the most important thing is that you don't need to download them to your computer, saving the disk space. :)

  • Eng Hyd
    Eng Hyd over 5 years ago

    hi Roop which type of internet connection you have ???

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