Rotating parts about axis

Is it possible, in Solidworks 2011, to rotate entity about an axis that is not X, Y or Z?
I would like to rotation to be exactly 12° and only thing i succeded was to rotate part by free draging which is not precise.

I hope you understand my question.

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You can add the axis... use insert, reference geometry, axis. it may be easier to add one or two reference planes then insert the axis at the intersection of the planes.

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If you apply a Motor, and change 'Constant speed' to 'Distance', you can set a distance of 12°.

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If you are talking about a part in as assembly, you can apply an angle mate. You may want to apply this to planes.
If you are talking about bodies in a part, you can use the Copy/Move command which also includes rotate.

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I added comment to Aled's answer saying:

I am talking about animation.
I want to animate one part rotating around the other by 12°.

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