Scale an assembly in NX?


Is there a way in NX to scale an entire assembly? I'm using NX8 and I've used the scale body feature, but that would be for only an individual part.

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Hi Joe,
You can use the WAVE Geometry Linker in your Assemblies toolbar. Link all the models in the assembly then you can scale the whole assembly. Let us know if you need more explanation and I'll do a mini tutorial. Cheers

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is this avalable for NX7.5? Thinks a lot.

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after making wave linker assemblies how can i proceed

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Hi every one,

i am a new user in Nx and Now I am facing a problem with saving an assembly file in Nx9.0. when you open an assembly file which have all component not the same locally with it and use can not save as that assembly file with it's all component at the same locally to another place

Do you know any way how to save management a assembly file in Nx9.0 like Catia save management?

If you know, could you please show me that way? Look forward to your reply soon.
Hope for your cooperation!
Thank you a lot in advance.

Best regards

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