Select overlapping geometry in Solidworks

I have multiple sketches in the same plane that are overlapping each other, such that one of the lines I want to select is completely covered and obscured by a longer line from a previous sketch. In a new sketch in this plane, I would like to select and convert the shorter line, but when I go to select it, Solidworks always wants to select the longer line from the earlier sketch. Is there any way to cycle through geometry "behind" my selection point? I'm thinking like a right-click menu that will show me a list of geometry available for selection at this point or something. Maybe a key I can hold down to cycle through.

Alternatively, I guess I could hide the sketch I don't want, but that seems less efficient to me..

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You should be able to right click on the multiple sketch area and choose the 'select other' icon, which will bring up a list of all select-able entities in line with your cursor. Pick the buried one out of this list.

Alternatively, if the buried entity is in the same sketch, you may be able to draw a selection window (left to right) around the shorter sketch line to select it from 'behind' the longer line on top of it.

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