Sense 3D Scanner

Does anyone have expierence using a Sense 3D Scanner? Thoughts and comments on its ability to revese design. How are you converting the .stl model to a solid model? I am thininking of purchasing one and I use Solid Edge so I would love to get feedback from users.

2 Answers

I used one and it was somewhat difficult to just scan the object. To get the best scanning results, you'll wanna put the object you are trying to scan on a rotating platform of some sort while the scanner is in a fixed position. Its difficult to hold it by hand and be very steady so I'd make a fixture for it of some sort. When you do finish scanning, it can make a few different file formats. I know stl. is one of them but there were a couple others also. The file it makes looks nice in the sense software but when you load it to other software, it will have your computer run very slow to just look at the object. I also couldn't really reference the object other than by eyeball when its model is brought into other software. I used Inventor 2015 when i used. Maybe you'll have better luck than I did in solid edge.

Thank you for the reply Jonathan