Setting up and understanding floxpress

Hi guys,

This isn't a question as such but I'm after someone who could sit down online with me (be it skype, or some other sort of messenger) and talk me through using solidworks floxpress for an hour or so. I'd be willing to pay $70.

I've picked up the basics from various tutorials but I'm struggling to understand the results and think I'd really benefit from a 121 chat with someone who knows what they're talking about.

All I'm interested in using floxpress for is to create a wind tunnel and measure drag. For example I have 2 designs and I want to accurately see which is the more aerodynamic (I'd like to be able to compare the results in percentages, ie. be able to say with confidence that design 1 causes 40% less drag then design 2.

Thanks a lot, my email is Caticuta at] if you wish to contact me direct.

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