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How can i configure a file so it shows up on the same page as an isometric view and flat pattern at the same time?

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I do this all the time and have found two ways to accomplish it...

First way is to create an instance table. You will make two instances, add the features you want to either show or hide in the instance. For instance, I add each of my bend features and the flat pattern to both instances. In one instance I show all the bends but hide the flat pattern, and in the other I do just the opposite. Then you bring both instances into the drawing the same way as you would any other model. When placing views you simply set the master rep for the view you are placing.

The second way is to create 2 completely seperate models, one all the way through the flat pattern... save it as a copy and name it something like part-b so you know its the model that shows the bend and open it and delete the flat pattern. Then same as before, bring both models onto the drawing and place views.

I prefer the first way personally because if changes are made to the model you only have to change one model, regen and move on. The second way requires the same changes to two seperate models.

Hope this helps. Good luck!

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