Shell Error : Thickness value is greater than minimum radius of curvature ! How to overcome this ?

I'm making a solid model that requires to be shelled to a specified thickness. But when i do it, solidworks shows an error as stated above. When i check the model for its minimum radius of curvature, the value is quite small ! In the order of e-0.005. How can i solve this ?

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to overcome:
1- Try to simplify the model
2- Check View> Display> Curvature.
Smooth change of Curvature is needed to overcome.
3-Try to reduce the thickness.

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Amos: The shell is a macro that does several steps at once. Once you understand these steps it's always possible to do them manually to achieve the result needed using the surface tools.

1) Surface offset at wall thickness distance.
2) This then does a surface trim.
3) Then a surface cut.

If you want to really dig in check through these presentations. Can't remember which one went deep into explaining the above.

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can you put model? difficult understand what's the problem is

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When you use a surfaces maked with splines best way is to make a surface offsetted on some dimensions, then make a surfaces between them with boundary surfaces feature - my model saddle is maked on that way , in most cases you will add additional surfaces to fill a gaps, and when you finish it use a thickening to one solid. Requesting a equal thickness thru all sections is sometimes impossible for solidworks to do.

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