whats the problem with this forming tool( minimum radius error?)

In the name of God...
I am using sheet metal tools
i use forming tools to forming base flange
but when i insert it in flange , this error appear "The part's thickness may not be compatible with this form tool. The thickness must be less than the minimum radius of curvature for the form tool. "
i used "check tool" in "evaluate" menu and see that the minimum curvature of forming tools is greater than the flange thickness . and this wondered me!
i attached files...

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I opened the forming tool and there are a lot of features with rebuilding errors some of them based on sketch error on them the features are based, but not this is the main problem.
The forming tool feature have also error and the explanation from Solid is that this feature works only with solid bodies and your part is a surface.
That could be the explanation of the error message if you try to use it in the sheet metal part.

You took a quite complicated way to make the forming tool. Try to make it a little bit simpler, without surface features.

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