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I want to design my rc heli using Inventor 2016. I need to constrain the linkage from bottom swash plate to upper swash plate (coaxial rotor). When i want to move the swashplate to top to bottom and make a rotation, it wont move. Sometimes the design doctor in red colour after constrain. But the sick constrain in another part of sub-assembly which is it should not happen

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Awesome project! :)

I am not into RC myself (no time) - but the mechanicals are proper design...

Very difficult for you to explain what the problem really is... would be best if I could take a look (I got 2016). But in the mean time:

I expect the sub-assemblies are flexible & constrained to leave the only possible movement for the top assembly.

Is it possible to build another sub-assembly with only the one set of rotors and swash-plate. Then test that... then put this sub-assy in the top assembly as flexible. Etc.

Enjoy the challenge - it should be worth the effort.

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Dear Muhammad Arif,

As far as I do understand you well....
it seems you have the same problem I did have.
I did solve my problem with a "invisable wheel" what is running over an sweep construction / surface.
The constrain needs to be created to this sweep surface.
By changing the distance of the sweep you can change the angle / behavior if the construction.
I did spend some time because normally the surface of the sweep construction is'nt easy to constrain but finally it works.

I hope this will solve your question.

Beste Regards....

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