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hi i'm a die hard fan of catia been using more than 2 years.i've designed all the parts that are required to simulate an engine in (catiav5r11) but i'm finding it hard and i'm stuck.the problem is i've assembled all the parts like crankshaft, piston connecting rod cylinder but when i enter in to DMU kinematics platform i'm not be able to simulate though in order to do the same the DOF=0 under mechanism,but i can't.if rotate the crankshaft using manipulation command the piston reciprocates while the big end of the connecting rod is not moving.i think to my knowledge the problem is there so if anybody out there plz help me.this means a lot to me

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here i make a small assembly of engine and simulate it....
dmu is difficult but you can learn how simulate the mechanism..

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DMU is difficult. You can't make an assembly and "import" into the DMU. The best results I made with DMU is going step by step. So, first fix the main part, second take the crankshaft, set the the right joint, set angle driven, you can simulate the kinematik.
Take the next component, set the joint...
After every step Look If you can simulate, if you can not search the reason...


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