Hi Gang.....I've been testing Onshape, Fusion and Sketchup. Has anybody used Sketchup for Mechanical Design? Using bearings, screws etc. Sketchup seems to be set up for architechure. Fusion seems to be good for mechanical design. I'm using free software.


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Don't ever use sketchup. For anything. It is very cheaply made, and you can't even insert or make hardware efficiently. It can be used for architecture as like a hobby, but I would never use it professionally in a workplace.

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I'm not much of a SketchUp fan. I have not really used it much, but I did sometimes receive SketchUp files for 3D printing. They were largely unusable, and had to be remade. But, I'd be willing to say that the problems may have come from the person running the software, and perhaps not from the software. I'm really not sure.

I was quite impressed by this SketchUp Uzi in the library: Uzi submachine gun 9mm

If it was made in SketchUp, then I have to believe that SketchUp is getting more and more capable.

Blender is another free program, but I understand it is more of a freeform modeling program.

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