Sliding contact constraint in catia?

I want the part 3 to slide in the slot in part 1.
want to simulate the sliding joint afore mentioned in catia. If someone can, please help me out. Ive tried a lot but The word that lingered was "futile"...

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Try it with the part #3 being a circle. If that way it works, it's the problem with application of the constraints on a shape not being completely circular or linear. I guess the part #3 is actually an ideally matching section to the radial cut on part #4. Sometimes, and even more, always, a minor error like 0.000001mm or degree, you don't even see, can prevent it from working.

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hi prateek.. i looked your model. and you dont need to create sliding joint for this
only give the angle driven for the part1 in revoluate joint. cos 3 & 4 number of parts are fixed.

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