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Solid edge doesnt open solid edge files.

By Ilirjan Leci on 20 Mar 16:41 3 answers 777 views 3 comments

I am Solid Edge user for several years, now using ST3 and I have a serious problem opening SE files.
When I try to open some of the files I created (*.asm, *.par) I get an error message saying: Error 2924p538: - cannot open file

The error number is always different (3253p783, 3420p696, ...)

3 answers

  • Francesco Arfilli
    Francesco Arfilli 6 months ago

    It seem the files are corrupted.

    Can you open training Solid Edge files and create new files correctly ?

  • Juan Arroyave
    Juan Arroyave 6 months ago

    Hello dear friend.
    Is possible you not installed correctly the solid edge 13 version correctly, trate to reinstall again the software, other problem happen when you trate to open a files that it creates in most recent versions.
    I hope this information can help you

  • Ilirjan Leci
    Ilirjan Leci 6 months ago

    Also the it happens also something very od.If i create a new file it works perfectly.This thing happens only to a portion of my projects.

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