Solid Edge feature recognize tool

I am new to solid edge and i coundnt find the feature recognition tool in sold edge.
When opening parasolid file, picked options but cant see the tool.
any help would be appericated.
Thank you

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2 Answers

The later versions of Solid Edge ST3 and ST4 do not have feature recognition because it does not need it any more - it is essentialy an obsolete function. Feature recognition is an attempt to rebuild a history from non native data such as a parasolid. If you use Solid Edge in Synchronous mode you simply edit the model using the steering wheel or by placing dimensions on the model/assembly.
Your local reseller will explain it to you plus its all in the help and tutorials.

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Actually Feature recognition will be back in ST5 ! But only for recognition of hole features. So have some patient. And it will be back soon, because a lot of people still use it or want to use it again.

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