solid edge st5 software white color screen why?

when the window starts there is a pure white color screen instead of grey and white. i am unable to view reference planes..... and also the extruded part body is also not visible after extruded>>>please suggest some settings so that i can work on the software with ease.i have also attached a jpeg file ....thanks>

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2 Answers

At the top left click on the reference planes.
Double-click on view (icon with brush), background gradient type.

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You have a problem with your graphics card or its driver. Do this to verify that SE is working right --> go to Options --> View and set the "Application Display' to "Backing Store". This is slower, but it is all done in software. You should see everything work properly at this point.

If you want to go back to accelerated display, you will need to check your graphics card and driver version. This is probalby where the issue is.

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