Solid Model Contours

Has anyone perhaps managed to convert the information from contours created in AutoCAD Civil to a workable solid model in Inventor ? This is a nightmare for me, as I need to place my structure and equipment on a sloped area. I have tried to draw each and every little triangle, and extrude it, but as you can imagine, it is virtually impossible, as there are THOUSANDS of triangles. The end result is also not smooth, looks terrible...

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I'm neither an Invetor nor Civil user but I've got a question and maybe a solution to your problem

By contour, is it perhaps a mesh, or can you turn it into a mesh or surface? If so , you might be able to "Thicken" the mesh in Inventor that will turn it into a solid.

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Hi Patrick,

Thanks for the comment. This might actually work. I think that I must rather try and create the solid in AutoCAD, and not in Inventor, as i've tried in the past. The thicken command I think will work better in AutoCAD. (Civil)
The week started a bit rough, but I will let you know as soon as I have time to investigate further.


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