Solidworks certification voucher


Will someone please share the solidworks certification exam voucher codes as i am really wanted to give certification exam but i am unable to purchase the exam package.

If you have please inbox me.
I will be very thankful to you.

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2 Answers

the bonds can not be shared, when you buy your license of solidworks, you can register in solidworks center and they will give you the vouchers to present 3 exams of cswp, I ask you to take that, because the cswa is very basic and in the companies they are interested plus a cswp certificate, it is better for you to buy the solidworks than to buy credits directly just to take the exam since it would be more expensive and if you retest it you will not be given another opportunity and you can not stop the exam once it is presented

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Exam vouchers are non-transferrable to anyone outside of your company. Violation of this policy may lead to the freezing of your VirtualTester account and cancellation of your certificates.
Question - How they verified that if someone work for the same company?

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