solidworks draft make me crazy

Hello, I spend my days trying to make very basic draft in solidworks and this drive me crasy.

Can somebody have a look to the sample thereafter and told me why it works in the first case and why not on the second case?
And finally how I can make the horizontal surface up by 5°?
Thanks for your advice

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It works in the first case because it's a single surface with a single pull direction.

In the second case, the indicated surface actually goes all the way around what appears to be an obround shaped part and the additional 'parting lines' you've selected, highlighted in purple, are what's causing the draft feature to fail. If you get rid of all the selected parting lines except for the linear one normal to the pull direction, it will work, but might not be what you're after. I've attached a pic of this result.

If you want the entire face of that step to tip five degrees all around, then draft is not the feature for the job because there is no single 'pull direction'. You'll want to sweep a cut or boss. Or sweep a surface and 'replace face'

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Please find attached another screen capture for better understanding

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thanks, at least, I'm not the culprit here. Sounds like parasolid software can't understand such basic function by extending the draft to normal direction. I tried on Oneshape, result is the same.
I will look for the sweep and replace face. But that sounds like the long way to go for such basic function.
Thanks again for your help.

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A cheap trick that sometimes works is to extrude a little extra (known amount) and take it off with a chamfer to get you out of a bind relatively pain free. Does not always work but when it does it can save a headache

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