SolidWorks model scale and effect on performance

Has anyone done any investigating into how the size (scale) of your model affects your system performance when working in SolidWorks?

For example, if you were to model an Airbus A380 in SolidWorks including the entire structure, skins, interior, etc would modeling it in 1:1 scale create a larger file or use more memory than creating the same exact thing in say 1:10 scale?

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3 Answers

No, not really. The program calculates things in a different way. Number of positions, points, vertices, surfaces, features, especially light sources (for rendering with PhotoWorks)

Try it yourself. Create an object (any sort of 3d object) and open the resource monitor. Increase the dimensions proportionally and check the resources consumption on the 10 times dimensionally bigger file. Add a set of fillets or extrusions, cuts or sweeps to the dimensionally smaller object and you'll see it may be more resource consuming. :)

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I would add an additional proof. Download EL34 power pentode and open PhotoWorks preview window to render. Uncompressed size of the file is 746kB. If you don't have at least 8G of RAM, don't expect it to do the draft preview render to the end. A much more complex model without a light source, say, 20+ MB in size may render in PhotoWorks with only 2G of system RAM.

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