Solidworks Motion Simulation Problem

Hi everyone,
i am attaching a general model i am using for a tripod robot.
the problem is that as i try a Motion Study, following problems occur (sometimes all of them together, sometimes one or two):
1-one of the three legs lifts up
2-the model abnormally jumps in the space as soon as it touches the circular base
3-the model does not follow the Contact condition i have set (i.e the solid contact between the tripod and the circular base is not obeyed and the under the action of gravity, the tripod goes "inside" the base)..
4-During Simulation, e.g the five seconds duration, the movement is shown only for upto 0.5s or so and for the rest of the standard 5s simulation time, the time seek bar stays red (i.e no motion had, perhaps.)

Any Suggestions or any word of advive.


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3 Answers

When I try to download, I get a .doc file. I suppose you need to zip a folder with .sldprt and .sldasm for anyone to load it on their machine and test it.

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You have uploaded only .sldasm. You need to upload all the .sldprt and .sldasm for others to open in their computers.

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