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what is lofted trim in SolidWorks

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Lofted Trim? I'm not familiar with that tool. Where is it located?

There is a Lofted Bends tool in the sheet metal tools.

A Lofted Trim to me sounds like a Loft Cut. Or the formation of a lofted surface which is then used with the Surface Trim tool. But those operations are not exclusive to sheet metal.

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you are right sir but I have a syllabus copy of SolidWorks in this I found that command but in software I cant found

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So the command was mentioned in a lesson or tutorial? If you can post an image of the page, or give some context in how the command was being used I'm sure it can be figured out.

I assume they just mean a Lofted Cut, but without more information it is difficult to be sure.
Or maybe they are lofting a surface with the intent to then use the trim command...

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thank you, sir, for giving answer actually that word is misprinted

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