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Running a static simulation, using a force, and showing von mises results (or any other kind that I have tried) the von mises PSI barely changes when selecting different materials. Say 6061t6 and then running 7075t6 the PSI difference is a few percent at best. In my mind, the difference should around 100 percent since then yeild and ultimate strength or 7075t6 is is almost double that of 6061t6.

Second question. I am simulating a spindle that consists of 4 peices that all have a press fit and bolt together through the back sides. When adding bolt connectors to the spindle assembly and selecting no penetration, the results are not very accurate. The "RED" stress area is on the edge of where the bolts enter the threads. The press fit bosses should lessen the stresses on the threads but I havent found a way for the bolts to work in hand with a press fit application. Running the test without connectors and bonded is not 100 percent accurate either. Is there a way to show a ultimate strength simulation? That would be very beneficial and would possibly allow me to keep using the bolt connectors.

Thanks in advance guys!


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First Question.
It's not strange if stress difference in few percent. In calculation of finite element in case of linear static, the parameter of material that involve in calculation are E (young modulous) and poisson. If these two parameters of two materials are the about same, the result will also about the same.
6061 : E = 68.9 GPa, v = 0.33
7075 : E=71.7 GPa, v = 0.33
[ The result will different around 100% if you check result as a safety factor]

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Second Question,
Could you show me your simulation setting , condition , etc (by picture).

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Thanks for the replies! Can I attach my model and let you check it out?
I'm having a hard time figuring out the best method of simulation.

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