SolidWorks design library question

I am trying to create a library of different thread cuts that can easily be applied to a cylinder or hole. This is for rendering purposes only. I know I can just apply cosmetic threads but they do not render. First I will explain my process of making the threads.
1. Draw Cylinder (or hole)
2. Create Helix
a. Pitch=1/TPI (Threads Per Inch)
b. Height=length of threads
c. Start Angle=0
3. Draw thread profile through starting point of helix. This is just a simple triangle.
4. Swept Cut with profile from step 3 and path from step 2

So my question is how can I make the height in step 2 automatically equal to the extrusion distance of the cylinder in step 1. Or make it so when I import it from the design library it will ask me to enter the length? Also how do I make it so that when I drag it to whichever cylinder I choose it the feature will start at the end of the part?

I hope my question makes sense and thanks to anyone who can help me figure this out!

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Best case is that you'd use configurations, maybe even an excel spreadsheet, to drive all of the possible variations. Once that is set then save it as a library file. This way when you drop it into the new model it will ask you for what size you want. You can also start to go the route of "smart components" to start to create a combination of intelligent models.

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