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Hi all,
Im making dxf files of Rack units for my CNC machine.
The panels are filled with holes and text above each one, the problem is that its taking me long time to insert the text for each hole, change the font and the size again and again for each one...

is there a way to fix the font and the size?
or maybe to a faster way to insert the text?

i have tried to write every thing in the same box and space the words so they will be in their places but the spacing between the rows are too big, same as the spacing between the words...

any idea anyone? I'v add a file for example

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Thanks everyone with your help.
i will try thous options and update here.

Thank you

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I do not know a better method with Solidworks ...
3d software can not include advanced graphic and text functions.
Personally I would make a sketch with marks and export this sketch in dxf to a graphical software like Illustrator or CorelDraw. I would do a montage in the graphics software and I export this assembly with dxf not forgetting to convert the text curves. I would re-import these dxf into Solidworks and I would do sketch blocks as needed depending on the weight of each function.

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I would start by editing the default font being used in the part template to match the font/size/style you want to use.

Text can be slow and tedious to apply in solidworks.
I don't think it would speed anything up, but you could import text sketches from other applications as a DXF file. Illustrator and DWG files may import as well, and may be worth experimenting with.

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