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.stl/.model conversion problem with CATIA V5

By Jojo toto on 15 Feb 10:15 6 answers 5 comments

I recently downloaded the following model :
Jaguar XJ-S Sunvisor Clip
After conversion from .stl file to .model to use it in CATIA V5, i can't copy paste the content of the .model in a new .CATPart.
The following error appears : "?? Paste not possible"
Could you help me find out what is the problem ?

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6 answers

  • Hugo Alanis
    Hugo Alanis over 1 year ago

    Hi friend its me again, I think you can create a copy of this model, as the same I made it, please check the picture that I attach you, and in a catproduct assembly the model and add a new part and change the name with your name for example, and try to start to project lines with the edges, and if you have questions, just let me know, you can use surfaces or solid module.

    Best Regards,

    Answered with a tutorial:

  • Hugo Alanis
    Hugo Alanis over 1 year ago

    Hi friend, could you send me the model converted into catia format, to paste in my computer catia, in a new part to make some test, and investigate, which was the problem, and let you know to fis this issue.

    best Regards,

  • Jojo toto
    Jojo toto over 1 year ago

    Thank you for your reply.
    here you go.

    By the way, here is the method I used to convert from .stl to .model.

    1) create a product in catia
    2) go to DMU optimizer
    3) insert new component (.stl file)
    4) click offset button
    5) register the file with 0mm offset as a .model file

    best regards


    XJS Sunvisor Clip v2 STL.model, 2 MB
  • Jojo toto
    Jojo toto over 1 year ago

    No i don't the dimensions. as explained above, i got the model from a user post on grabcad.
    And i just wanted to practice my catia skills on this part so no need to model it for me.
    Thanks anyway.

    I suppose i should look for CATIA made files from now on as the ones from solidworks doesn't seems to like the convertion.

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