the file path to add design library databases to selection window

i am trying to add ansi inch aluminum angles data to my structural member selections.
i put these files in C:\solidworks data\weldment profiles\ansi inch\alum angles\.......
is this the proper path and how do i get it to see them???

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Under Tools, Options , File Locations, add your path in the Weldment Profiles section. I save mine in a folder that is easier to find. I think the default data is under C:\Program Files\SolidWorks Corp\SolidWorks\data\weldment profiles

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Try this location
I think you gave too much info to SW

C:\solidworks data\weldment profiles

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ok that gets alum. angle to show up in type then my sizes window is blank

so c:\solidworks data \weldment profiles\

got me that far now what do i need for sizes to show up?

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Move aluminum angle data to same level as steel profiles
Alum angles would be same level as ANSI Inch

C:\solidworks\data\weldment profiles\alum angles
C:\solidworks\data\weldment profiles\ANSI Inch

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thank you i have both ansi and iso all installed now on that level!!!

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