This feature can only modify body. It cannot create a new one error.

I am trying to model a turbine from a Solidworks book. According to the uploaded image I should Extrude the highlighted Sketch up to 500mm ( which is a Converted sketch from first steps). However as the book said, I can't extrude this because of zero thickness geometry and for the solution, author proposed to first Cut Extrude using the same sketch and after that try to Extrude, but after I did so, I get another error (this feature can only modify...)

However, I was expecting an error because after Cut Extrude, I did not a get a clean cut, it was some hallow shape which I uploaded as well.

I can only get pretty similar results as the book with turning off "merge results", which is not the case in the book.

How can I fix this ?

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2 Answers

I don't know if I can delete my question, because I managed to solve the problem.

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Why not put your solution here this might help others ?

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