Just want to know what is the best tips for junior Design Engineer to consider during this covid19 period whereby there are many people who applied for the same job?...Drop tips for interview?

1 Answer

Make a website that describes you. A digital CV, with lots of eye-catching graphics and much more description than a 1-page CV.

Include some of the projects you've worked on. Lots of pictures, CAD models, renderings, animations, etc. Describe some of the problems you ran into with each project, and how you overcame them.

Include awards and honors. Again with pictures (photo of you holding a certificate, group picture of first-place team etc.)

List your hobbies and interests - at least the ones that are related to the type of job you're interested in. Again, some pictures of that "thing" you designed and built yourself.

This web-site should be a way for hiring managers and recruiters to get to know you better, and make them say "I want to interview this guy"