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Tutorial - Tips for SolidWorks?

By Sudhir Gill on 06 Feb 04:12 4 answers 3486 views 0 comments


4 answers

  • Sudhir Gill
    Sudhir Gill over 4 years ago

    Here are some shortcut and useful thing lot of people don't know. If you know something important then please share here.

    1. Step 1

      When I press F3 on my keyboard.


    2. Step 2

      When I press F5 on my keyboard.


    3. Step 3

      When I press F8 on my keyboard.


    4. Step 4

      When I press F9 on my keyboard.


    5. Step 5

      When I press F10 on my keyboard.


    6. Step 6

      When I press F11 on my keyboard.


    7. Step 7

      When I keep pressing mouse right click and move it in part/assembly mode.


    8. Step 8

      When I keep pressing mouse right click and move it in sketch mode.


  • Ravichandra J P
    Ravichandra J P over 3 years ago

    Press Space Bar key on the keyboard to get view orientation manager

    1. Step 1

      In Solidworks 2012 Version.

    2. Step 2

      In Solidworks 2013 Version.

  • Damjan
    Damjan over 3 years ago

    The 'S' key, brings up dynamic toolbar that can be adjusted-very helpful.

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