Tutorial - Curvature evaluation in SolidWorks?

Tutorial on curvature evaluation in SolidWorks.

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Curvature is defined as the reciprocal of the radius (1/radius), in current model units. By default, the greatest curvature value displayed is 1.0000, and the smallest value is 0.0010.
This means larger the radius lesser will be the curvature of the face, & Smaller the radius larger is the curvaure.

As the radius of curvature increases, the curvature value decreases. A planar surface has a curvature value of zero because the radii of flat faces are infinite.

This is very helpful in evaluation of surfaces/faces curvature and radius of curvature.

Answered with a tutorial: https://grabcad.com/tutorials/tutorial-curvature-evaluation-in-solidworks

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