Tutorial: How to create an Angry Bird in Solidworks?

This is the tutorial for creating the famous Angry Birds models in solidworks..... this tutorial is particularly for the red bird, however more or less the same procedure is to be followed for making all other birds........ I hope you'll can understand...... if not leave the questions and I'll try to answer them......

This procedure can also be followed to create almost any character in solidworks...... try to create other characters, let your imagination wild and upload your models on GrabCAD........;-)))))

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Imagination is the key for creating models of characters...... dimensions are not important, proportions are.... there is no particular method...... all methods are correct if you get the look is right.......:-))))))

Answered with a tutorial: https://grabcad.com/tutorials/tutorial-how-to-create-an-angry-bird-in-solidworks

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Hi Pranav, and all

First of all, thanks for this tutorial. This get me started with modeling with solidworks.
However, I have one remaining question as I'm stuck at step 27 !!!
How do you create the Axis1 at the bottom of the body ???
Certainly a noob question !!


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