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Tutorial-How to export points from solidworks to a excel file!

By Amin Kashef on 14 Nov 09:04 9 answers 2 comments

In this tutorial we learn how to export points from sketches in solidworks to a spreadsheet (excel) file.

9 answers

  • Tabassum Qureshi
    Tabassum Qureshi over 4 years ago

    Hi, Its not writing points in excel file. Can you please tell me how can I fix it.

  • Jonathan Fake
    Jonathan Fake over 3 years ago

    Dim exApp As Object
    Dim sheet As Object
    below the existing dim call out before the first set and it works like a charm

  • aaron reyes
    aaron reyes about 2 years ago

    I added
    Dim exApp As Object
    Dim sheet As Object
    Doesn't work. Is there something new needed for it to work in SW 2015?


  • Sujay Desai
    Sujay Desai 8 months ago

    I used the above macro to export nodal points of an fsae frame to Ansys Workbench. For some reason, the orientation of the points relative to each other is correct , however the distances between them a grealy reduced. The overall plot of the frame has been scaled down. Can anyone tell me why this has happened? It will be a great help.

  • Michael Heyns
    Michael Heyns 8 months ago

    I had to make some additional modifications to the file to get it work. You can also see how you can keep dimensions at their original size. Other notes: ensure that the sketch is selected before you run the macro.


    PointToExcel.swp, 49 KB
  • R Safari
    R Safari 3 months ago

    My problem is in exporting X,Y and Z data of a helix sketch from solidworks to Excel. I checked the above macro, but it doesn't work for helix sketch. anybody can tell me how to fix it?

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