Tutorial-How to export points from solidworks to a excel file!

In this tutorial we learn how to export points from sketches in solidworks to a spreadsheet (excel) file.

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I had to make some additional modifications to the file to get it work. You can also see how you can keep dimensions at their original size. Other notes: ensure that the sketch is selected before you run the macro.

it work.

Dim exApp As Object
Dim sheet As Object
below the existing dim call out before the first set and it works like a charm

Hi, Its not writing points in excel file. Can you please tell me how can I fix it.

I added
Dim exApp As Object
Dim sheet As Object
Doesn't work. Is there something new needed for it to work in SW 2015?


Awesome! It works, thx!

I used the above macro to export nodal points of an fsae frame to Ansys Workbench. For some reason, the orientation of the points relative to each other is correct , however the distances between them a grealy reduced. The overall plot of the frame has been scaled down. Can anyone tell me why this has happened? It will be a great help.

My problem is in exporting X,Y and Z data of a helix sketch from solidworks to Excel. I checked the above macro, but it doesn't work for helix sketch. anybody can tell me how to fix it?

I corrected the macro. Now it displays the dimensions in millimeters and in meters, if you have a metric.
There was also a problem. If the points of your sketch have anchors, then the coordinates of these interfaces are duplicated. The presence of mates is stored in the properties of the .type = 10. I added a check for type 10 and such points are not displayed, then there is no duplication of points. Here is the file macro.