Tutorial: How to make Dodechahedron

This a tutorial for making a Dodechahedron.
simple in construction but well working.
project model is here
Request: Dodechahedron

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here is the simple tutorial.
just follow the images as instructions given in it.

Answered with a tutorial: https://grabcad.com/tutorials/tutorial-how-to-make-dodechahedron--1

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Here is another method to make the same without using any angles :-)
Inspired from the model How to model a Dodecahedron from scratch by Steen Winther.
Here is the model:
Request: Dodechahedron
Hope this will be helpful to many..

Answered with a tutorial: https://grabcad.com/tutorials/tutorial-how-to-make-dodechahedron--2

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Hi guys, I've written a free Step-by-Step SolidWorks tutorial about how to model a Dodechahedron in SolidWorks with another method.

You can read it here: http://learnsolidworks.com/solidworks_tutorials/how-to-model-a-dodecahedron-in-solidworks

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Here are also a few made with solids that are a little more simple and most are parametric and regular;
Regular Dodecahedron
Dodecahedron - only 6 features
Dodecahedron in 4 Feature
Dodecahedron (not the same as above)
[1]6 feature Dodecahedron (not regular)

It was a lot of fun seeing how there were so many different ways to do it and seeing what everyone else came up with.

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Here is another way to make a same thing but with help of sheetmetal features of SW. It used base flange, cut holes and sketched bend features.

First make sketch as you see on pic with 5 side polygon diameter 250mm and with base flange make a sheetmetal plate 1mm thick

Answered with a tutorial: https://grabcad.com/tutorials/tutorial-how-to-make-dodechahedron--3

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OK I have put together a tutorial for an alternative method "without sweat or mathemathics: How to model a Dodecahedron from scratch

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Nice one Mandeep. You can also do this with mates so you don't have to use "funny angles". I'll try to make a tutorial, the system won't let me add more than two steps below?

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It was helpful to improve the knowledge

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