Tutorial: How to make engine part 32


Intake and exhaust vent

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I thing that is more easyer to record a desktop in .avi or .mp4 format, I think that is better then this.

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Everything fine to step 21.

I have two beautiful cut-lofts. But I can not feature mirror them. I really don't understand. Preview of mirror is fine.

But hitting ok -> Rebuild Errors: The selected features could not be patterned using geometry pattern.

- Uncheck does not help -

? Leo

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Is part 32 the final part of this tutorial? where is the assembly of the created parts?

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There are a lot of under defined sketches.....
That's a BIG SolidWorks no no!

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I have a problem with my internet in these days, I will answer all of your questions soon
I generated new tutorials, they will be published after a few days.

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Yet another step is done for all of Catia lovers out there. This one was a tricky!

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