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Tutorial: How to save time with Bolts, nuts, washers in Auto desk Inventor.

By William on 07 Jun 20:23 4 answers 1 comment

Auto desk Inventor - Bolted Connections.

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4 answers

  • Roimer zambrano
    Roimer zambrano over 4 years ago

    Buen tutorial, es justo lo que necesitamos herramientas de para diseñar adecuadamente, felicidades por ese aporte...

  • Roimer zambrano
    Roimer zambrano about 4 years ago

    Gracias por el tutorial, me ha servido mucho ya he podido montar varios proyectos utilizando las herramientas de diseño,...

  • siddharth
    siddharth about 3 years ago

    I understand that using bolt connections the update is possible when we change the position of the hole of the first part. But if the dimension of the hole changes the bolt connection does not update the change in the second part. Do we have a solution where if free hole (6.6 mm) is changed to free hole (9 mm) then the bolt connection changes the tapped from M6 to M8 automatically?

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