'Tutorial: The easiest and most efficient ULTIMATE tutorial you will ever get for Auto desk Inventor software.

This is for any one new to Auto desk Inventor and also a great resource for the more advanced user.
This is by far the best place on the Internet to go to for all your Inventor needs from IV 2011 to IV 2014.

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Thanks a mill, sure will be very useful as a new user

Your welcome Robin, that is th reason I put this one up was for new users that did not know about these tutorials...........
Great to know it will help and if you ever need a hand in anyways with Inventor just drop me a PM or mail me anytime and if I know the answer I shall sure help you out. Good luck with your new software.....
Also Robert you can learn a lot from other peoples models just download them and go through the browser to see the steps they took to make the models.

Awesome share. Thank you very much for this.

For information, the wiki have been retired and moved.
Yuo can find the related links for wikis here: