Tutorial: Image Enhancement With Photoshop

A subtle but powerful technique for adding some "pop" and definition to your final renders and other images.

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I discovered this while experimenting with a way to make images look like pencil sketches. Imagine my surprise when instead it made the image look more real than before! Now it's become part of my regular post render workflow.
I am sure I did not originate this technique but more likely reinvented the wheel. None the less I had not run into it before . An example is in the Added Images link below.
Using part of an image by Dave Goetsch, I will walk you through it.
Solidworks - olsryd 9 cylinder radial engine

I created an Action file for to the Actions palette and you can download it below.
It goes in Photoshop/Presets/Actions.
But please follow the tutorial so you understand what is going on.
Hope you find it useful!
Cheers, Ron

Answered with a tutorial: https://grabcad.com/tutorials/tutorial-image-enhancement-with-photoshop

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Hey RonB
Great little tut on Photoshop..... Maybe it is time for others to start sharing there little tuts on what they know about Photoshop....
Might even do a few myself after my finials...

Great job :P

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You can achieve a greater quality and have more control if you worked with overlay layers. Make new layers on top set to overlay with soft brush 10-20% opacity enhance the light and dark areas and you can achieve hyper realistic effects.

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Yes, thanks for your comment and suggestion Barbarian ...many ways to enhance an image...my description says what this little technique is about, subtle. And with an Action...one click. Cheers, Ron

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