Tutorial on how to model a car. (Part 1)

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with starting of this tutorial let me give some info about this tutorial.
It will be great if you have some surfacing experience and good understanding about each surfacing tool, basic sketching principles, & the importance and use of sketch relations. projected curves are the most important thing here..

Please don't think that you will be surfacing expert after completing this model. This is the first time I am modeling a car and I will be update every steps as i update my model here.this tutorial will updated every day.so that we will learn from our own mistakes. every step of the way so any mistakes or errors we will encounter actual problems that run across the model. this is my first effort with surfacing and modeling a car so I am still learning myself. ;)

The first step to modeling anything based on a current picture is obtaining as many photos as you can. When modeling a car it is essential that you have a good set of blueprints. You need to have a side, front, back and top view. If you don’t there will be a lot of guess work involved and your job will be that much harder.

The first step in the actual modeling process is laying out your blueprints. Make sure you use your standard planes and take the opportunity to rename the sketches for your own benefit later. Drawing something like a car will leave your feature tree a mess so take any chance you can to make folders and name sketches or features. Especially if you have to roll back the end of part marker or make
adjustments. This is also helpful if someone else needs to work with your model.
Learn how to keep your design manager tree neat & clean with this tutorial here: Tutorial - Tips - keeping your freature tree clean and organized in SolidWorks. thanks to Stephen Nyberg

We will start with Camaro modeling, my most favorite car... :)
Blueprints and other images are attached in attachments.

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please let me know that how to assamble the car model parts, like door, window glasses, Headlight, Rear light, engine cooling air inlet etc. Even I designed those car parts in SAVE AS format of main part then how to matching edge to edge without any clearance.

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