How to create a car surfaces based on BMW X6?


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you will see some of the advanced method for creating surfaces of a car BMW X6

Answered with a tutorial:

Very good tutorial! In Solid Edge is the same method.

superb tutorial ............(Y)

Great, have been following the guide some, but i think there is one important thing that is missing. You forget to specify in english what all the commands you are using are named. And at some steps you do not have a explanation of what you are supposed to do. Otherwise i like this initiative!!

Congratultions, Fateh!!
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good work Fateh.
If someone wants to know more about the commands … "Daniel Levoue"
did a DVD about creating car surfaces with solid works … but I think
you can't use it professional … cause no A-Class surfaces possible.
Would be nice if Iam wrong.

too gud work bro..rocking one

Congratultions, friend.... Really it´s a goob job for the community.
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Very good tutorial Fateh.

Great work Fateh

Great Job Fateh

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Arrête au STEP 13, faire la fenêtre, je vois qu'il y a deux projected curve pour faire la fenêtre.

Ma premiere projected curve est du mauvais bord, elle resort de l'auto...
je viens juste de refaire les lignes et la c'est le bas de la fenêtre mais lui va l'interieur de l'auto...

je suis proche!

great work dudee!!!!

funny I have the CAD file for the rear hatch for that car :-) too bad I am not allowed to share it!

Great tutorial Fateh :)

But could someone please help with the commands used as I can't seem to get some of the steps

I have to say thank you too, it will bring a light into my car model to school project.

very good

thanks Fateh !

Nicely received, Well done!

Gr8 fateh :))) Wi'll surely implement these techniques n my Lambo Reventon

great work!!

Awesome tutorial!!! One question tho, where can we find similar images or how did you go about editing ones you had found?? Thanks again!!!!

Great work!! Thank you very much for the tutorial.

Great Job!
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Very nice tutorial....a big thanks/grazie from Italy! :)

So what is the actual question? It seems you got it under control.

edit : "Sorry just figured it out. It's a tute."

Thanks for the tutorial Fateh. Process and methodoly are very well explained . Congratulations , you did a great job!

Thank you Fateh for sharing this, you rock bro ;)


its a hard work congragulations..!

This is excellent. Thank you.

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its the best design, i seen

Congratulations, good tutorial.

very good

Good for Industrial concept design

Can anyone help with a tutorial doing this with Inventor? Thanks

very very ...good////...really help fulllll thanks alot

Very good.I like it.

Nice one, had a good play on this during my lunch break , useful practise

Excelente trabajo!!!!!!

What did you do in step 9?

thank you fateh for the steps

Very useful, Fateh! Great job!

Will definitely try this....... Thanks Fateh!!!!!!!!

thank you Fateh
grt one
i will try this one.....:)

Thanks for the tutorial Fateh.

helppppp. what is the command use in step 12? ):

Great Job , Very useful for surface learners,

muito bom Fateh
aprendi muito

How do I register sketches are official thanks

Good tutorial that's for free. However, this assumes that you know most of the surfacing tools to use prior to viewing these steps. And if you get confused, steps aren't laid out in a concise fashion. However, again this is a excellent tutorial and saved me some real money!!!!! Thanks!!!!

Thanks for your tutorial.
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gracias por el tuto, es exelente. donde puedo descargar los planos?

very good!!
i have a qustion
for import the image i need help
in my solidwork 2011 i dont find the sketch image!??!?!?!
plz help me

not bad

todos mis aplausos

awesome tutorial.... anybody can start to learning surface modelling from this tutorial.... thank you fateh.... (Y)

very very good


Useful onme

Good Job

Very good this tutorial, I also like the video lessons, but I am very grateful for the good will, and a hug from Eduardo from Brazil / Sao Paulo

Can someone post how to do step 13 and 14?

thanks very good tutorial is a good method regards from mexico

Thanks alot Fateh

Benefited a great deal !


Very good and great industrial toturial

That's amazing! You did realle hard job!

it was soo much helped me to complete my project....

Thank you Fatah. I am a teacher in a school in malaysia and will be asking the kids to attempt a concept car model in solid works, and i was unsure on how to do it. This gets me started.

great work!

Esse cabra é bom!

gran trabajo

is there an .stl file for 3D Printing anywhere?

Very nice!

great job!
very useful

good job

merci fateh

I like this,thanks


good job, thanks

Very useful, thank you!


good job

Great,thank you

Congrats buddy you have done a great job
Can you please tell me where do you get these images and how to you prepare it for tracing

Thats excellent!
I am waiting for another like this!

Excellent works.

great work my dear. its nice, great job

Congratulations...its very nice.

good job,benfit form your method!

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Good tutorial. Very helpfull!

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